conduct a great Board Meeting

Why Conducting a Great Board Meeting Matters?

Effective meetings are pre-planned meetings that have a clear structure and follow well-defined parameters. Check why conducting a great Board Meeting matters in the article below.

The Importance of Conducting a Great Board Meeting

There is hardly a single person who loves meetings. Have you wondered why? And all because, for the most part, meetings are boring meetings, the effectiveness of which is equal to zero. Some now and then argue in high tones, do not listen and interrupt the interlocutor, and shout. Others, on the contrary, fall silent, locking all their considerations and ideas in their heads. Others leave early. Someone else is late. In a word, a farce, which, apart from how to pour from empty to empty, is no longer capable of anything. Naturally, this is all incredibly annoying and causes dislike for such events.

Interaction between employees is one of the most important parts of the work of any company. You initially create an organization because you want to solve problems that one person cannot physically cope with: he does not have enough strength, competencies, and simply time. That is why you form teams in which:

  • Distribute workload and processes between different participants;
  • Exchange opinions, brainstorm, and come up with better solutions;
  • Support and ensure each other by covering problem areas (for example, if one employee falls ill – colleagues will take over his work).

As practice has shown, if Board Meetings directly affect the achievement of goals set for employees, then the interest and loyalty of personnel to such events increase dramatically. Discuss the goals and rules of the meetings with your employees. Ask them the question, “How can we benefit from having meetings with our team?” Make your subordinates think about the reasons and the meaning of their conduct.

Which Are Five Key Steps to Organize an Effective Meeting?

If, for employees, each Board is like snow on their heads, there will be little sense from such meetings. Employees simply will not have time to prepare and will be poorly involved in the movement. Therefore, meetings should be organized as much as possible. Follow five key steps for conducting a great Board Meeting:

  • Check the system before the meeting. We all know that computer problems take energy from any online meeting. If this happens, the person cannot join the meeting, and the meeting will start later, if at all, and this will upset the participants.
  • Interact with your audience. In order for the webinar not to be monotonous, it is important to involve the audience. Spectators should feel that they are participating in the event. The easiest way is to invite questions.
  • Let the members rest. An intense, long webinar with no breaks can be detrimental to performance.
  • Help employees stay part of the team. At meetings, you see colleagues, interact with them, take part in the life of the company together and feel like part of the team.
  • It is not recommended to hold meetings at the very beginning of the working day and immediately after lunch. It is optimal to schedule meetings an hour after the official start of the working day. And accordingly, an hour after the end of the lunch break.

Poor organization and conduct of Board Meetings lead to really serious consequences. The most innocuous consequences are just a ruined day, but sometimes a bad meeting can trigger a company’s bankruptcy in the future.


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